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Business Closure and Layoffs

If your business is considering a major layoff or plant closing, Iowa Workforce Development’s Dislocated Worker Program staff can help guide you through what will be a difficult process for your company and a difficult time for your employees.

Our Rapid Response Team can help ensure compliance with federal regulations that apply to mass layoffs, and can provide a variety of services for your employees.

How Iowa Conducts Rapid Response

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN)

Trade Act Assistance (TAA)

Adult and Dislocated Workers Program

Voluntary Shared Work Program

The Voluntary Shared Work (VSW) program offers an alternative to layoffs of five or more workers and is an effective tool for Iowa businesses experiencing a decline in regular business activity. Under VSW, work reductions are shared by reducing employees’ work hours and Unemployment Insurance (UI) partially replaces lost earnings. By avoiding layoffs, employees stay connected to their jobs and employers maintain their skilled workforce for when business improves.

Voluntary Shared Work Program