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Occupational Information to Aid in Career Exploration and Development

The Career Planners and Job Seekers On-Line Reference Guide can be a starting point for planning a career or finding the right job. The guide provides essential websites and tools aimed at directing individuals' career or job path towards professional fulfillment. Additional on-line resources can be found by using the Career Connection Guide.

Employment and wages by occupation within Iowa can be found on the OES and Iowa Wage Survey home pages. Information regarding estimated openings; growth; skills; and education and training levels by occupation is located on the Occupational Projections home page.

Occupational Profiles

Occupational Profiles provide descriptive insights into a selected occupation's projected employment, wages, skills and education. An assortment of 105 different occupational profiles can be viewed by using the drop-down menu below:

Note: All reports are PDF files.

Occupational Outlooks

The following outlook reports relate to those occupations that are considered fast growing; high demand, high salary or "hot"; a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) vocation; and also jobs that are considered "green" or are related to goods or services that benefit the environment.

For convenience purposes reports are listed by county in the drop-down menus below, however, the content of the reports reflect data by IWD region. Statewide reports are also available. 

Note: All reports are PDF files.

Career Outlooks

Hot Jobs


Green Jobs

Job Posting Statistics

The Job Posting Statistics page has data gathered from the job postings that are published on The number of postings open each month for each occupation and county are displayed back to January 2016. This information can be used to get an idea of what jobs are being advertised in Iowa.

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