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Reporting New Hires and Rehired Employees

Federal and State law require employers to report newly hired and rehired employees to a central registry. New hire reporting and the Centralized Employee Registry (CER) were created to help state's child support agencies:

  • locate parents who owe support
  • speed up the payment of support through income withholding

New hire reporting to the registry has been successful in meeting these objectives.

How to Report New Hires and Rehired Employees

The CER is a computer database keeping track of newly hired and rehired employees and contractors in Iowa. The information provided to the CER helps streamline the process of withholding child support payments from the income of employees and contractors who need to provide payments.

For additional information and instructions on how to report new hire information in Iowa, please visit the CER website.

Reporting ​New Hire and Rehire Employees and the Impact on Unemployment Insurance

Properly reporting all new hires and rehired employees impacts unemployment insurance (UI). If an individual is properly reported on the new hire list, and is receiving UI benefits, an investigation is conducted to determine if the individual is entitled to receive UI benefits or if they are fraudulently claiming UI benefits. Help from employers in combating this abuse is critical to the integrity of the UI Trust Fund.

For additional information, please refer to Office of Child Support Enforcement (ACF) - New Hire Reporting