Labor Market Information: Occupation

The following resources provide access to occupation-related data.

Career Exploration Resources

Occupational information geared towards those looking to plan or change their career. Occupational profiles, projections, information on high demand jobs and the education and wages associated with these jobs. Current job and career related publications can be found on the Career Exploration Resources home page.  

Iowa Licensed Occupations

Provides information concerning occupations in Iowa that require a license, certificate or commission issued at the State level. Licensing requirements, associated fees and examination information can be viewed by visiting the Iowa Licensed Occupations home page.

Job Posting Statistics

The Job Posting Statistics home page has data gathered from the job postings that are published on The number of postings open each month for each occupation and county are displayed back to January 2016. This information can be used to get an idea of what jobs are being advertised in Iowa.

Occupational Employment and Wages

Annual occupational employment and wage estimates by major occupational groups and detailed occupations for the State of Iowa, by metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), Balance of the State regions and IWD regions. Current data can be access on the Occupational Employment and Wages home page.

Occupational Forecasts

Long-term occupational projections, also known as forecasts, provide information on the expected job growth and decline for a ten-year period for the State of Iowa and its IWD regions in terms of employment, growth rate, openings, various wage levels, education, work experience, job training and top skills. Short-term, two-year, projections are also available for the State of Iowa. Projections/forecast data can be viewed on the Occupational Projections home page.

O*NET OnLine

A product developed by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Employment and Training Administration, the O*NET program is the nation's primary source for occupational information. O*NET allows users to explore and research occupations and provides details regarding: occupation description, employment and wage trends and credential and training information. Assessments are also available for workers and students looking to find or change careers. For further information and to access this occupational information visit O*NET Online.

Staffing Patterns

Staffing patterns provide detailed information on which occupations are employed in each industry sector/sub-sector (and the reverse). Data is available for the State of Iowa and by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) region on the Staffing Patterns home page.