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Labor Market Information: Research

The Labor Market Information Division at Iowa Workforce Development conducts research and analysis on a variety of topics. The following is a list of current research products.

Area Profiles

Reports based on Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) which include year-over-year comparisons by industry and employment, projections, job outlooks, unemployment statistics along with additional information relevant to each area. To view current profiles visit the Area Profiles home page

College Student Analysis

Based upon the results of a survey distributed to postsecondary institutions across the State, the analysis includes data on the students' field of study, desired occupation/industry, desired benefits, their intentions to reside in Iowa following graduation and factors that would influence them to stay or relocate. Further information and analysis can be found on the College Student Analysis home page.

Education Outcomes

Custom research designed to assist colleges/universities in the determination of the effectiveness of their educational programming through the matching of education data to employment and wage data. Additional information can be found by visiting the Education Outcomes home page.

Employment Benefit Analysis

Based on data gathered through an employer survey, this product provides information on the benefits provided by employers in the State of Iowa to their employees. Analysis of survey data by economic development region can be found on the Employment Benefit Analysis home page

Laborshed Studies

Labor availability study of people ages 18-64, based on commuting patterns into a community. This supply-side analysis provides data on the workforce characteristics of an area's labor pool. For additional information or for access to the Statewide, regional and county studies visit the Laborshed Studies home page

Workforce Needs Assessment

Results from a survey of Iowa's employers identifying the current and upcoming job vacancies, includes skill identification and wage expectations. Analysis of survey data by economic development region can be found on the Workforce Needs Assessment home page.