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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - WIOA

The Governor’s office is responsible for overseeing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) planning and implementation. Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) is charged with writing a Unified State Plan for the effective delivery of workforce development services in Iowa. Many key partners have come together to craft the elements of the Unified Plan to ensure that every Iowan has unrestricted access to high-quality workforce delivery systems.

On August 20, 2015, the Iowa State Workforce Board approved the vision, goals, and strategic framework for advancing the Unified Planning process in Iowa. The vision was developed in collaboration with core partners and stakeholders across Iowa. The vision, goals and strategic framework will continue to be developed and strengthened as the Unified Plan moves closer to completion. Iowa Workforce Development strives to provide the most current and accurate information and reflect the current status of this initiative on our website.

WIOA Core Partners

WIOA consists of four core programs, Titles I - IV, administered by the following core partner agencies in Iowa:

  • Iowa Workforce Development:  administers Title I (Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Programs) and Title III
  • Iowa Department of Education:  administers Title II (Adult Education and Literacy)
  • Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services:  jointly administers Title IV (Vocational Rehabilitation Services)
  • Iowa Department for the Blind: jointly administers Title IV (Vocational Rehabilitation Services)

Unified State Plan Vision

Iowa’s workforce delivery systems will collaborate to build a Future Ready Iowa – a pipeline of skilled workers who are prepared to meet the workforce needs of Iowa’s current and emerging industries. In alignment with the National Governor’s Association Talent Pipeline vision and goals, this unified plan will ensure individuals are prepared for dynamic careers through an emphasis on lifelong learning while meeting the needs of employers. Iowa’s workforce delivery system will assist more Iowans to become Future Ready by attaining the “new minimum” of high–quality education, training, and work readiness by bringing together education, rehabilitation, workforce, and economic development resources and ensuring that all Iowans have access to an integrated and efficient workforce delivery system. Future Ready Iowans will be ready to meet the employment challenges of today and into the future so that ALL Iowans work in competitive, integrated employment settings.

Unified State Plan Goals

Goal I: Iowa’s employers will have access to advanced, skilled, diverse and Future Ready workers.
Goal II: All Iowans will be provided access to a continuum of high quality education, training, and career opportunities in the nation.
Goal III: Iowa’s workforce delivery system will align all programs and services in an accessible, seamless and integrated manner.

IOWA WIOA Unified State Plan

Read the most recent version of the plan.


The following letters are official notice from the U.S. Department of Labor (U.S. DOL) Region 5 Office advising Iowa of the negotiated levels for the primary indicators of performance under WIOA.  Performance levels are negotiated between Iowa and the U.S. DOL every two years as part of the State Planning process.


The WIOA Annual Performance Report Narrative for Titles I and III provides an opportunity for IWD to describe progress towards meeting the strategic vision and goals of the workforce system in Iowa.  The report is due to the U.S. DOL on December 1 each year for the prior Program Year.  Program Years run from July 1 - June 30.  Below are links to the annual reports.