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Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

Occupational Employment and wage Statistics (OEwS)

The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) is a federal Bureau of Labor Statistics program that provides employment and wage estimates by occupation. OEWS is a nation-wide program which contacts 400,000 establishments annually (approximately 7,000 establishments are contacted annually in Iowa). The data is comparable across states and the nation.

Data is available for the State of Iowa, four Balance of the State (BOS) areas and by Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) across the State. The OEWS is not time series data and is not comparable year to year.


Wages by Area

Select an area from the drop-down menu below to view the wage information for its region.

Occupational information may be missing in cases where limited information for an occupation was available.

Wage information by MSA and BOS can also be viewed by clicking on a region in the map below.

MSA & BOS Map with links for each region

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