Unemployment Rate & High Demand Jobs by Legislative Districts

The map below provides the unemployment rate and top five jobs by both Senate Districts and House Districts.

To switch between the Senate Districts map and House Districts map, click on the "up" arrow in the Details menu located in the upper right corner of the map. This will take you to the Layers menu where you can deselect the Senate Districts map and select the House Districts map. The default view is of the Senate Districts.

The maps are shaded by the Districts’ unemployment rate. Darker colors indicate higher unemployment rates.

To view the top five jobs by District and its specific unemployment rate, click on a District within the map and a pop-up window will appear with the relevant information. The top five jobs are listed by three separate categories: estimated total change, 2010-2018; estimated percentage change, 2010-2018; and estimated annual openings, 2018.

Top jobs were limited by education level and median wage. To be included in the lists the occupation's typical entry-level education had to be beyond a high school diploma (unless a Registered Apprenticeship program is available in Iowa). In addition, the overall median hourly wage had to be $15.00 or higher. Only jobs that meet all criteria are included.

Jobs with large estimated total growth may have a small estimated percent change and occupations with large estimated percent change may have small estimated total growth.

For additional unemployment rate data visit the Local Area Unemployment Statistics page. For more information regarding job growth, openings, wages, and skill requirements visit the Occupational Projections page.

To view a larger version of the map in a separate browser window click here.

Typical entry-level education requirements are based upon national data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job growth and openings data is based upon the most relevant county-level data for each District. The unemployment rate is based upon aggregate data for the relevant Census tracts per legislative district; annual rate July 2016-June 2017. If a legislative district covered multiple counties or Census tracts then the data was combined for the relevant areas.

Source: Unemployment rate data, Area of Substantial Unemployment, PY18, Iowa Workforce Development; Job growth and openings data, EMSI 2018.