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Register for Work


You must register for work when you apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) and you are no longer attached to an employer.  You can do this at your local IowaWORKS center or online.   If you have already registered for work on,  and have created a Employer Searchable resume you have met this requirement and no action is needed.

To Register for Work in Iowa, you must complete the registration and a resume using the IowaWORKS website

You must log in and complete all questions.  NOTE:  It is important to register using your social security number (SSN), the system may not be able to find your information based on your name and other identifying information.  If you do not use your SSN, we may be unable to verify that you have registered for work and benefits may be withheld until this requirement has been verified.

A valid work registration will be considered valid when, at a minimum, the following is in the claimant's IowaWORKS account:

To register for work, you must complete the following steps:

               You must provide your social security number (SSN) to be considered "registered for work".

  •        Create an active résumé

               You must make the résumé available online for review by employer.

For any questions about completing your work registration or setting up your resume, contact your local IowaWORKS center

Failure to complete the online application will result in the denial of your unemployment benefits if you are required to look for work.  

Additional information is available.  Review these Frequently Asked Questions about Unemployment Insurance. For additional information or to better understand the eligibility requirements, please refer to the Unemployment Insurance Benefits Handbook or contact Customer Service at 866-239-0843.